Friday, October 22, 2010

Mozipedia - The Encyclopedia of Morrissey & The Smiths: A Review

If your local college offered a course in Morrissey, this would be the required textbook listed on your syllabus.  At over 500 pages, Mozipedia: The Encyclopedia of Morrissey and The Smiths. is the definitive book on everything pertaining to Morrissey.  As its name suggests, Mozipedia is laid out like an encyclopedia, from A - Z.

The 600 alphabetized entries fit into one of six categories:

1.  The music of Morrissey and The Smiths - all songs, albums, compilations and video collections.

2.  The life of Morrissey - biographical information, schools, youth, etc.

3.  The influences of Morrissey - books, authors, films, actors, singers, groups, art, etc.

4.  The who's who - all musicians, producers, band members that worked with Morrissey and The Smiths.

5.  The world of Morrissey - specific places that are relevant to his life and referenced in song.

6.  The tao of Morrissey - everything that didn't fit into one of the previous categories, ex:  his thoughts on cats, football, tea, etc.

Author Simon Goddard is very thorough and his entries range from the Starland Vocal Band (the band that brought us 'Afternoon Delight'), to the band a-ha (whom Morrissey liked), to a several page spread on Johnny Marr.  Completed by 32 pages of beautiful black/white and color photographs, Mozipedia is a MUST have for Morrissey/Smiths fans.

Mozipedia will take you a while to get through, so get your Smiths and Morrissey records out and listen as you read.  Please enjoy!

Published by Plume on September 28, 2010
544 pages

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  1. I'll look for it! Some follow up questions:

    1. Who is Simon Goddard? Did he know Morrissey?

    2. Was this done with Moz's approval?

    3. Is this hard cover?

  2. Additional info about the edition:

    544 pages / Hardcover
    Published September 28, 2010 by Plume

  3. Hi Lew, you must've commented while I was typing. First off, any of the links on this page will take you to Amazon, where it's almost 1/2 the cover price. Yes, hardcover. About the author:

    Simon Goddard is a regular contributor to Q Magazine and has also written for the Guardian, Independent on Sunday, Sunday Herald and Uncut. Dubbed 'the Smiths authority' by NME, his 2002 book The Smiths - Songs That Saved Your Life was described as a mighty achievement' by both Time Out and Mojo and is recognised as one of the key works on the group by fans and critics. It is also the only Smiths book to earn the approval of group founder and guitarist Johnny Marr.