Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Placebo at The Hollywood Palace - May 15, 2001

I have a friend named Gitane DeMone.  You may know her from the band Christian Death, her solo career, or maybe her new band The Crystelles.  Anyways, one night a group of us were at a Denny's after a show Audra (my band) performed with Gitane.  She told me about this new band that she liked called Placebo.  The next day I went out and bought their album and was pretty blown away.

In 2001, I was finally able to catch Placebo live in Hollywood at The Palace.  LA locals Tate opened the show, followed by the Scottish band Idlewild, then Placebo.

The show was memorable for two reasons.

1.  Placebo were just plain great.

2.  Morrissey was in the VIP box.  At one point in the show, I looked up towards one of the boxes in the theatre and one of the rotating lights happened to hit a very distinct-looking fellow standing in the back.  :)

3.  Placebo performed a couple of songs with the guy who fronted the opening band.  His name was Justin Warfield.  He already had made a guest appearance on Placebo's third album, Black Market Music, on the track Spite And Malice.  A few years later, Warfield found success with a band that Audra has played with called She Wants Revenge.

Placebo's Set List
1.  Dub Psychosis (intro)
2.  Haemoglobin
3.  Days Before You Came
4.  Allergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth)
5.  Scared Of Girls
6.  36 Degrees
7.  Passive Aggressive
8.  Leni
9.  Little Mo
10. Every You Every Me
11. Without You I'm Nothing
12. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (Queens of the Stone Age cover)
13. Spite & Malice (with Justin Warfield)
14. Slave To The Wage
15. Special K
16. Taste In Men
Encore 1
17. My Sweet Prince
18. Commercial For Levi
19. Peeping Tom
Encore 2
20. Black-Eyed
21. Pure Morning (with Justin Warfield)

Unfortunately I couldn't find a video from this particular show, but here is one from the same year.  Please enjoy and thanks for reading.  - Bret


  1. Nice! Interestingly, I did a "Morrissesy Placebo" search on Google, and this page already comes up on the first page of the search results!