Saturday, October 20, 2012

[Friday On The Turntable] Best Songs Under Two Minutes

For those of you that follow my blog on Facebook, you'll recall that each Friday I post a featured record that I'm currently enjoying. To enhance the experience, I've been filming short videos - discussing a brief history of the record, my favorite tracks and what it means to me. The videos will be embedded below, and you can also subcribe to my youtube channel here.

This week's Friday On The Turntable is a special edition, featuring a video discussion about some of my favorites songs that clock in under two minutes. Some of my regular followers may recognize this topic from a blog I wrote back in June. [Here's the link: 60 of the Best Songs Under Two Minutes]. Today's video shows me selecting 10 songs from collection and discussing. Please enjoy!

If you're a vinyl enthusiast, check out our feature on the Spin Clean Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine (click image below)

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