Friday, September 20, 2013

[Friday On The Turntable] Placebo - Loud Like Love

Welcome to this week's Friday On The Turntable feature! For those of you that follow my blog on Facebook, you'll recall that each Friday I post a featured record that I'm currently enjoying. To enhance the experience, I've been filming short videos - discussing a brief history of the record, my favorite tracks and what it means to me. The video is embedded below - and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel here.

This week's featured discussion is on the band Placebo - and their brand new release, Loud Like Love. Check out the video below where I give a track by track review, show the vinyl packaging, my history with the band - including short recollections of the many times I've seen the band live, and more.

If you're a vinyl enthusiast, check out our feature on the Spin Clean Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine (click image below)

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  1. Well there's no doubt you got absolutely rinsed on the price of that mate. I haven't opened my copy yet but as I bought it direct from Universal then it should be the 2xLP version. What winds me up most for vinyl collectors is that if you're a real fan of a specific band, you have to buy the vinyl and usually the delux version of the CD if you want to get all the tracks. This has now happened to me on my recent 3 purchases of the new releases from Placebo, White Lies and Editors. Effectively, each one has cost me around £35. That's just way too much and is likely to drive people back to our non (UK) tax paying friends at Amazon. The price you had to pay for that single disc version though is a real piss-take.
    All that ranting aside, I think this is their best album. Agree with you that Battle For The Sun was decidedly average but although I've followed their career from the start, it's always been a case of liking some abum tracks and not being so keen on others. Surprised you didn't mention Exit Wounds which for me is the standout track alongside the opening title track and Too Many Friends.
    Great review (as always). Keep up the good work!
    Regards - Lee

  2. Just watched the review again - you did mention Exit Wounds. My apologies!
    Regards - Lee