Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Audioquest Anti-Static Vinyl Record Cleaner Brush: Product Review and Demo

Over the years, I've bought several different kinds of brushes and cloths to try and remove dust off of my records.  None of them did the trick - until I came across the Audioquest Anti-Static Brush.   I've found that it is the best way to remove unwanted dust off of your vinyl records.  I've had this thing for about 8 months and it's the best $20 I've spent.

No matter how often you clean your records, dust will accumulate into the grooves, causing crackles and pops.  The key is to clean your records when you bring them home - I use the Spin Clean Record Washer - and then do a quick brush with the Audioquest before playing them.

Always use this brush on a clean record.  So if you're about to spin that Boston record you just picked up for 50 cents at Goodwill, and it's covered in fingerprints - clean it first, then use the Audioquest brush to get off the extra dust.  I even recommend cleaning new records that are fresh out of the shrink wrap. I've found that many times there are paper fragments and vinyl shavings stuck to the surface, that can even cause a brand new record to skip or pop.

Watch the Audioquest Brush in action on the Social Distortion LP - Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.

If you're a vinyl enthusiast, check out our feature on the Spin Clean Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine (click image below)

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  2. Looking for the video. There's just a blank space there!

  3. Hey Bill, I just double-checked and it's there. Though I recall someone told me that they couldn't see it on a mobile device, like an ipad. Give it another try and if it doesn't work, let me see if I can figure out how to directly paste the video url here. Thanks for the feedback, Bret.