Friday, August 30, 2013

Ranking Depeche Mode - from 'Speak & Spell' to 'Delta Machine'

Today marks the sixth edition of a special series within my weekly feature, Friday On The Turntable - instead of looking at one album, I am featuring all of Depeche Mode's studio albums from 1981 - 2013 - and ranking them! It was a mammoth task, and proved frustrating when putting albums that I love against other ones that I love. Nonetheless, I've provided a ranked list - from #13 (good) - #1 (the best). I enlisted the help of my friend Jesse, who provides a side-by-side comparative list.

If you would like the short / textual version of the list, please scroll past the video. If you would like to watch my video discussion, check out the embedded video below - and be sure to click 'Subscribe' on my Youtube channel - for immediate access to all of my video posts. As always, I look forward to reading your comments and feedback. Click on any of the album titles if you'd like to purchase them. At the very bottom of this article is a link to a Depeche Mode playlist that I created on Spotify, which features my 3 favorite songs from each album.

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Here we go...

The text/pics version is below - don't scroll down yet if you want to enjoy the video.

3 Favorite Songs: Broken, Heaven, Alone

#12. Exciter (2001)
3 Favorite Songs: Freelove, When The Body Speaks, I Feel Loved

3 Favorite Songs: Everything Counts, Two Minute Warning, Love In Itself

3 Favorite Songs: The Sun & The Rainfall, Monument, See You

3 Favorite Songs: Fragile Tension, Wrong, Perfect

3 Favorite Songs: New Life, Dreaming Of Me, Just Can't Get Enough

3 Favorite Songs: It's No Good, Useless, Sister Of Night

3 Favorite Songs: Precious, Suffer Well, Nothing's Impossible

3 Favorite Songs: Somebody, Blasphemous Rumours, People Are People

3 Favorite Songs: Enjoy The Silence, Policy Of Truth, Halo

3 Favorite Songs: Never Let Me Down Again, The Things You Said, Strangelove

3 Favorite Songs: Stripped, Black Celebration, Here Is The House

3 Favorite Songs: In Your Room, Rush, Walking In My Shoes

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  1. My list:

    1. Some Great Reward
    2. Violator
    3. Black Celebration
    4. A Broken Frame
    5. Construction Time Again
    6. Ultra
    7. Exciter
    8. Speak & Spell
    9. Music For the Masses
    10. Songs of Faith and Devotion
    11. Playing the Angel
    12. Sounds of the Universe
    13. Delta

    Order subject to change based on my current emotional state ;-)

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ken, really appreciate you posting a list. That's why I enjoy doing this 'ranking' series, I dig seeing the differences in everyones' lists. Cheers! - Bret

  2. Bret,

    I spent some time today really thinking about my ranking and here's what I came up with. No promises it wouldn't change but this is it for now :)

    13. Delta Machine
    12. Sounds of the Universe
    11. Exciter
    10. A Broken Frame
    9. Construction Time Again
    8. Music for the Masses
    7. Speak and Spell
    6. Some Great Reward
    5. Ultra
    4. Black Celebration
    3. Songs of Faith and Devotion
    2. Playing the Angel
    1. Violator

    Great video!