Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Live at Revolver Records, Phoenix, AZ, April 14, 2011

Independent record stores have become a dying breed, but I gotta tell you that here in Phoenix we are fortunate to have some killer shops still standing. Zia, Stinkweeds, Hoodlums, Rockzone and the host of a rad free show today - Revolver Records.

On the way to Coachella, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart stopped in Phoenix to perform a free show on the patio of Revolver.  I have their self-titled debut and really didn't really give it a chance to grow on me.  But when I saw the announcement yesterday for the show at one of my favorite record stores, I couldn't pass it up to check them out live.

Promoting their freshly-released second album, Belong, NYC's The Pains of Being Pure at Heart really impressed me with their catchy, melodic tunes. They're a five-piece band with keyboards, a bright youthful energy and conjure up The Jesus And Mary Chain a little, although quite a bit more cheery. Be sure to check them out while they are still on the road.  Tour dates are posted here.

A huge thank you to Revolver for hosting tonight's show. Please enjoy some photos and a live video for their newest single 'Heart In Your Heartbreak.' The album Belong can be purchased online by clicking here. I grabbed a vinyl copy at the show tonight and I gotta tell you, I'm really digging it.

"Heart In Your Heartbreak" - Live at Revolver Records, April 14, 2011
(Sorry for the shaky cam!)

Images taken by yours truly, Bret Helm.

The official video for "Heart In Your Heartbreak"


  1. "Belong" left me flat... too much production. We saw them last year and it was a good show. The crowd - though small was a mix of tweens and folks my age noticing the JAMC influence.

  2. LOL. We have total opposite sides on this one, Haloe. :)