Monday, September 13, 2010

Record Shopping: Part 2 - Rockzone Records

Over the last several years, record stores have been a dying breed.  Bigger chain stores like Tower and Virgin closed their doors and many independents also went under.  Even stores that carry CDs, like Best Buy, Target, Borders Books have shrunk the square footage dedicated to music.

As CD sales have continued to decline, vinyl sales have continued to increase.  In the Phoenix area, great independent shops carry a great selection of new and used vinyl.  Revolver, Stinkweeds, Zia, Hoodlums and Eastside are all great for vinyl enthusiasts.  I frequent them all.  

Today I wandered into Rockzone in Tempe on the SW corner of Price & University.  I had been to Rockzone many times over the years when it was in Mesa and called Rockaway Records.  They recently moved to a new location in Tempe and I was quite impressed on this visit.  The store was completely remodeled since the last time I stopped in and has a new store manager named Scott who is super friendly and helpful. 

Today I scored a couple of gems:  The Smiths - Strangeways Here We Come and The Church - Blurred Crusade, $10 each.... both in excellent condition.  And a $2 copy of 'Toys In The Attic' by Aerosmith.  

I spent a couple of hours talking about music with Scott and he even gave me a 10% discount on my total purchase.

So, for my friends in the Phoenix area who haven't stopped in Rockzone yet, do it.   New vinyl arrivals are put out every Friday.  

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