Wednesday, December 15, 2010

iPod Shuffle: Part 8

In an effort to listen to songs that don't get much intentional play on my iPod, I present Part 8 of my 'iPod Shuffle.'  So, play along with me:  Select 'shuffle' on your mp3 player, write down the first 10 songs that come up and listen to them.  No cheating!  Here are the 10 songs that came up for me.  Please share your ten in the comments section below (you can leave your list anonymously, if you don't want to create an account here).  Hopefully you'll hear something cool that you haven't heard before.  - Bret

01.  No Age - Glitter
I picked this one up a while back and am really digging it.  Just listened to it a few times yesterday and now it came up on shuffle.

02.  Mary Margaret O'Hara - Rain
Tim Booth from James recommended this one to me.  Pretty amazing voice.  Cool track from the Apartment Hunting soundtrack.

03.  Gary Numan - M.E.
I've heard this song and album many times.  I love it.

04.  Townes Van Zandt - Who Do You Love
Townes Van Zandt was a great songwriter, though this track is a cover song.  I recommend starting with his self-titled album - it's excellent.

05.  Audioslave - Be Yourself
This is the only song that I know by this band.  I like it.

06.  David Bowie - Fame (live version from Stage)
I just listened to this album the other day too.  David Bowie is one of my favorite artists of all time and the live Stage album is brilliant.

07.  REM - Sitting Still (original Hib-Tone single version)
An early version of a track that later appeared on REM's first album Murmur.  Excellent.

08.  The Cure - Fire In Cairo
From the first Cure album.  Rad.

09.  The Cranberries - I Can't Be With You
Those first 2 Cranberries albums were really good.  I need to break them out and give them a spin.  I remember getting the first one for Christmas back in 1993.  :)

10.  Tim Booth - Buried Alive (Demo 2010)
Tim Booth of James, wasn't I just talking about him?  :)  This is a really good demo from his upcoming album.  Follow this link over to his site, sign up for his mailing list and you'll get to download Buried Alive for FREE. 

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