Friday, February 25, 2011

100 Best Songs with a Girl's Name in the Title - Part 4 of 5

The other day I was looking at an album that had several songs with a girl's name in the title. Then I started thinking of some others 'Girl's Name Songs" and decided to compile a list of my favorites - there are hundreds of them! Shrinking the list is proving to be quite a challenge, so I'm going to limit it to 100. This is Part 4 of 5 - if you missed the previous parts, start at the beginning here.

If you'd like to listen to all of the songs featured in this series, scroll down to the bottom for a Spotify playlist. - Bret

Caroline - Concrete Blonde
From the album Bloodletting (1990)

Donna - Ritchie Valens
From the album Ritchie Valens (1959)

Candy Says - The Velvet Underground
From the album The Velvet Underground (1968)

Katy Song - Red House Painters
From the album Red House Painters (Rollercoaster) (1993)

Daisy Glaze - Big Star
From the album Radio City (1974)

Regina - The Sugarcubes
From the album Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! (1989)

Lola - The Kinks
From that album Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneyground, Part One (1970)

Dee - Ozzy Osbourne
From the album Blizzard of Ozz (1980); feat. Randy Rhoads on guitar

Nico - The Cult
From the album Beyond Good and Evil (2001)

Martha My Dear - The Beatles
From the album The Beatles (The White Album) (1968)

Mary of Silence - Mazzy Star
From the album So Tonight That I Might See (1993)

Maria - Blondie
From that album No Exit (1999)

Belladonna - The Legendary Pink Dots
From the album The Maria Dimension (1991)

Caroline No - The Beach Boys
From the album Pet Sounds (1966)

Kimberly Austin - Porno for Pyros
From the album Good God's Urge (1996)

Michelle - The Beatles
From the album Rubber Soul (1965)

Karen - The National
From that album Alligator (2005)

Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival
From the album Bayou Country (1969)

Josephina - Gene Loves Jezebel
From the album Heavenly Bodies (1993)

Linus and Lucy - Vince Guaraldi Trio
From the album A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

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