Friday, March 18, 2011

Epic Songs: The Best Songs Over 7 Minutes Long - Part 4 of 5

The other day I accidentally sorted my iTunes Library by Song Length, and it inspired this week's blog series: Epic Songs - The Best Songs Over 7 Minutes Long. Like all of my previous lists, this one was tough to assemble. This will be an ongoing series, and you can proceed to the next part by click on the link at the bottom. And while you're at the bottom of the page, check out the huge Spotify playlist which collects these tracks. If you have some epic favorites, please leave them in the comments section. Just tuning in and missed the previous parts? Then click here to get up to speed. Cheers, Bret

The Doors - The End (11:41)
From the album The Doors (1967)

Prince - Purple Rain (8:42)
From the album Purple Rain (1984)

Jimi Hendrix - 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) (13:40)
From the album Electric Ladyland (1968)

Mother Love Bone - Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns (8:23)
From the EP Shine (1989)

The Cure - Pictures of You (7:29)
From the album Disintegration (1989)

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (8:03)
From the album Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

U2 - Bad (live) (8:03)
From the EP Wide Awake in America (1985)

David Bowie - Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise) (8:51)
From the album Diamond Dogs (1974)

Jane's Addiction - Three Days (10:49)
From the album Ritual de lo Habitual (1990)

The Velvet Underground - Heroin (7:13)
From the album The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

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  1. Weezer - Only In Dreams: Honourable Mention