Friday, April 15, 2011

The London Suede. The 20 Best Songs

If you're sad that you're missing the recently-reunited Suede at Coachella this Saturday - their first American appearance since 1997 - then this is for you. In a couple of months, Suede will be reissuing their entire catalog with 3-disc expanded editions of every album: SuedeDog Man StarComing UpHead Music and A New Morning. Each album contains 2 CDs and a DVD with lots of bonus content.

* Since this post was made, Suede have released two wonderful albums - 2013's Bloodsports & 2016's Night Thoughts.

So, without further delay, I submit my choices for the Best Songs of Suede. As always, it's difficult to put one of these together - so many great songs get left out. Please feel free to comment below.

20. Electricity
Released as single; appeared on the album Head Music (1999)

19. Killing of a Flash Boy
Released as b-side to We are the Pigs single (1994); and on Sci-Fi Lullabies (1997)

18. Everything Will Flow
Released as single; appeared on the album Head Music (1999)

17. Europe is Our Playground
Released as b-side to Trash single; appeared on the album Coming Up (1996)

16. Metal Mickey
Released as single (1992); appeared on the album Suede (1993)

15. My Dark Star
Released as b-side to Stay Together single (1994); and on Sci-Fi Lullabies (1997)

14. Stay Together
Released as single (1994); and on Sci-Fi Lullabies (1997)

13. This Time
Released as b-side to Saturday Night single (1997); and on Sci-Fi Lullabies (1997)

12. Beautiful Ones
Released as single; appeared on the album Coming Up (1996)

11. Breakdown
From the album Suede (1993)

10. The Next Life
From the album Suede (1993)

09. Saturday Night
Released as single (1997); appeared on the album Coming Up (1996)

08. So Young
Released as single; appeared on the album Suede (1993)

07. Animal Nitrate
Released as single; appeared on the album Suede (1993)

06. Sleeping Pills
From the album Suede (1993)

05. By the Sea
From the album Coming Up (1996)

04. ...Morning
From the album A New Morning (2002)

03. New Generation
Released as single (1995); appeared on the album Dog Man Star (1994)

02. Trash
Released as single; appeared on the album Coming Up (1996)

01. The Wild Ones
Released as single; appeared on the album Dog Man Star (1994)

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  1. 1. The Asphalt World
    2. Pantomime Horse
    3. Every Monday Morning Comes
    4. He's Gone
    5. Indian Strings
    6. The Still Life
    7. Filmstar
    8. My Insatiable One
    9. Killing Of A Flashby
    10. Sleeping Pills
    11. The Living Dead
    12. The Sound Of The Streets
    13. Have You Ever Been This Low?
    14. She's Not Dead
    15. Drowners
    16. Daddy's Speeding
    17. We are the pigs
    18. By The Sea
    19. Lazy
    20. La Puissance

    I know there is nothing listed here from the fifth album listed here, and that WAS intended. The TEARS is the REAL fifth Suede album :)~

  2. Tom, interesting picks. I'm really surprised that The Wild Ones didn't even crack your top 20. That's the beauty of these best of lists, everyone's picks are different. That final album gets a lot of hate, but I really love 'Morning' and 'One Hit To The Body.' :)

  3. I don't see how you pass on My Insatiable One, The Living Dead or Filmstar (the best riff of the post-Bernard Suede songs).

    Still, an excellent list.

  4. Radio Schmaydio... I know, right? :) All three of those were on the bigger list, but had to make some decisions. I bet if I did a new list in a year, it would be totally different. I appreciate you stopping by. Suede is one of those few bands whose b-sides were just amazing. Did you hear that Mat Osman couldn't get his visa into the US, so the band is playing Coachella without him!

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  6. i love this band so, so much...

    1. pantomime horse
    2. sleeping pills
    3. breakdown
    4. the next life
    5. my insatiable one
    6. where the pigs don’t fly
    7. high rising
    8. the living dead
    9. my dark star
    10. europe is our playground
    11. introducing the band
    12. the wild ones
    13. daddy’s speeding
    14. the 2 of us
    15. the asphalt world
    16. still life
    17. picnic by the motorway
    18. the chemistry between us
    19. she’s in fashion
    20. indian strings
    this is so hard to do and have it end at just 20 songs…so 21 is for sam, she’s a layabout, animal nitrate, the drowners, to the birds, saturday night, trash, and the entire dog man star album <3

  7. Ruby! Great picks. Where is 'She's A Layabout' from?
    Are you going to be getting the reissues?
    Thanks for stopping back.

  8. i don't think 'she's a layabout' appears on anything official. it's one of their early songs (with a weird stone roses like guitar from bernard). and yes about the reissues!

  9. Here's my Suede top 10 fav..

    1. Europe is our playground
    2. Morning
    3. Trash
    4. Saturday Night
    5. Beautiful Ones
    6. So Young
    7. By the Sea
    8. Everything Will Flow
    9. The Next Life
    10. New Generation

  10. Correction...

    the No. 2 song should be "Untitled"... not "morning".

  11. Never quite understood 'the Drowners' appeal... decent song but a bit monotone compared to Suede other early output.

    My top ten, in no particular order (how could I rank them??):

    Animal Nitrate
    Sleeping Pills
    Metal Mickey
    Stay Together
    The Asphalt World
    My Dark Star
    Insatiable One
    The Wild Ones
    Killing Of A Flashboy

  12. Not in any order...

    So young
    Sleeping pills
    Killing of a flashboy
    This time
    She's in fashion
    New generation
    My insatiable one
    Beautiful ones
    The living dead
    Animal nitrate
    One hit to the body
    Savoir faire

  13. The Big Time is their best song, period! :)

  14. Great to see 'This Time' on the list. The outro is one of my favourite Suede moments. Pure romance.