Sunday, September 4, 2011

Planet Rotations #7

In the age of digital music, we tend to skip through albums, or just listen to one or two tracks, missing some of the deeper cuts that may be brilliant. I am a big fan of the album format, and love to experience the entire album the way the artist intended. Listening to just one or two songs is like randomly reading a few chapters of a book and expecting to understand the completed work.

Like any music lover, I love to share what I'm listening to and discover some new things from friends. Here's my playlist for this week. Please put your lists in the comments section below, or interact over at the Life On This Planet Facebook Page. Cheers, Bret.

Glen Campbell - Ghost On The Canvas
The brand new, final album from the country legend. Read my complete review here.
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Sonic Youth - Sister
The fourth album from Sonic Youth. Check out the opening track, Schizophrenia.
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Sonic Youth - Goo
I remember buying this back when it came out in 1990. Dirty Boots, Tunic, Kool Thing = splendid
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The upcoming new album from Wilco. The band was streaming it from their website on Saturday, and I was really impressed.

James - B-Sides Ultra
18 b-sides from Manchester's James. Kind of hard to find, but definitely worth the hunt.
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Yuck - Yuck
The debut album from this London band. I just featured a couple songs this past week. Check it out here.
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Of Montreal - Sunlandic Twins
I really dig this record. If you already have it, don't forget that there's a Bonus EP.
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Lots of cool stuff on here, including the 11+ minute epic, The Past Is A Grotesque Animal.
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Wire - Object 47
The eleventh album from the British post-punk band.
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You
The brand new Chili Peppers album. It's also the first one since 1999 without guitarist John Frusciante.
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Vic Chesnutt - North Star Deserter
Chesnutt's 2007 album saw him enlisting Guy Picciotto from Fugazi to back him.
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Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica
I featured a track from this album a few days ago - check it here. A few years later, The Smiths' guitarist, Johnny Marr, was a member of the band for a few years.
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White Lies - To Lose My Life...
White Lies released a new album this year called Ritual, featuring the song Bigger Than Us - it's brilliant. To Lose My Life is their debut from back in 2009.
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Eddie Vedder - Ukulele Songs
The Pearl Jam frontman's second solo album, released this year. His voice, ukulele and a few other instruments/voices here and there. Really cool.
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The 1967 debut album with Syd Barrett on vocals.
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Soundgarden - Louder Than Love
This was their second album and was released exactly 22 years ago.
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1 comment:

  1. This week:
    Dum Dum Girls - "He Gets Me High" (Sucks!)
    O'Death - "Head Home"
    OCS - "3 & 4"
    Small Fish With Spine - "Ultimate Sushi"
    Nine Inch Nails - "With Teeth"