Monday, August 5, 2013

Planet Rotations #102

In the age of digital music, we tend to skip through albums, listening to one or two tracks - missing some of the deeper cuts that may be brilliant. I am a big fan of the album format, and love to experience the entire album the way the artist intended. Listening to one or two songs is like randomly reading a few chapters of a book and expecting to understand the completed work. Like any music lover, I love to share what I'm listening to and discover some new things from friends. Here's my playlist for this week. Please put your lists in the comments below, or interact on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Nice selection Bret, I see a Gram/Paisley Underground bias going through the list, also love seeing the first Stone Roses lp what a fantastic album that is. Cheers James

    1. Hey James! Thanks for stopping by - yes, the last couple of weeks have been heavily Paisley Underground ones. Can't get enough! Greatly looking forward to the upcoming Mazzy Star LP in September. Thanks again, Bret