Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saturday Night Music Club #24: 2 Year Anniversary / Prog Night

Over the last two years, my friends and I have gotten together to share & discuss records. Our monthly meetings are known as the Saturday Night Music Club. Up until this point, I've only uploaded the videos to my Youtube channel, so I thought I'd share them here to those of you that follow me here.

In this month's segment, we've each brought a record to put up against a Beatles LP from the same year - one that each of us thinks is better. See if everyone in the SNMC agrees. We're also kicking things off with another round of our Trivia Game Show! Oh, and if you didn't quite catch the titles of what we showed, I have links for each one underneath the video. Leave us some comments and let us know if you agree or disagree. Please enjoy. :)

Albums featured in this episode of SNMC
(click on image to check 'em out)

If you're a vinyl enthusiast, check out our feature on the Spin Clean Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine (click image below)

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