Sunday, January 26, 2020

Planet Rotations #266

Like all music lovers, we love to share what we're listening to and discover some new things from friends. This week Sarah and I chose 6 albums / singles - some old, some new - to feature. We also added a song selection from each to our ongoing Planet Rotations 2020 Playlist (link at bottom of post). What's been on your playlist this past week? Let us know in the comments below, or interact at the Life on this Planet Facebook.

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Bret's 6
Simple Minds - I Travel
from Empires and Dance (1980)

Myrkur - Ella
from Folkesange (2020) - out March 20th

Hilary Woods - Tongues of Wild Boar
from Birthmarks (2020) - out March 13th

Peter Murphy - Uneven & Brittle
from Ninth (2011)

Rush - Freewill
from Permanent Waves (1980)

Bill Fay - Love Will Remain
from Countless Branches (2020)

Sarah's 6
Fischerspooner - The 15th
from #1 (2003)

Divine Fits - Shivers
from A Thing Called Divine Fits (2012)

Moaning - The Same
from Moaning (2018)

Chromatics - Closer to Grey
from Closer to Grey (2019)

Wolf Parade - Against the Day
from Thin Mind (2020)

Alexandra Savior - Saving Grace
from The Archer (2020)

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