Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Let me whisper in your ear, don't you worry they can't hear"

Enjoying a late night coffee at home. Cats are awake, walking around yelling at me while Chris Bell's 'I Am The Cosmos' plays over the stereo.

Cool plans for tomorrow... Getting together with the band and our video guy to go over the footage from our album release show back in May. The audio sounds killer, now we just gotta check out the video and get this thing edited. Gonna try to get out a live DVD for the Christmas season. One of the cool things about releasing your own records is that you can put out whatever you want and not have to have someone tell you that it won't sell. Who cares if it doesn't sell 5000 copies. Lots of my favorite artists/albums didn't sell many records. Thankfully they were put out by someone who loved music more than money.

Read a few pages of Stephen King's new book, Under The Dome. It's almost 1100 pages, so with all of the other things going on, that's gonna take a while.

Enjoyed some quality listening time today:

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
The Big Pink - A Brief History of Love (vinyl)
Big Star - Third
Julian Bream - Greatest Hits (vinyl)
The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me
Psi Com - s/t (vinyl)
Chris Bell - I Am The Cosmos
and some random Jesu tracks on the ol' Mac.

Well, I guess that's it for tonight. Found this record store in Echo Park, CA online called Origami. Gonna have to check that place out next time in LA. Looks like they have some cool stuff.

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