Friday, October 15, 2010

31 Horror Movies in 31 Days: Day 13

Day 13 of my Horror Film Marathon

October 13, 2010
The Call Of Cthulhu (2005)

I passed by the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood a few days ago, where lots of people were lining up for a Silent Horror Film Fest.  So, this afternoon I decided to check what was available in the 'watch instantly' section of Netflix for silent horror films.  I found this one, a silent adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft short story, The Call Of Cthulhu.  I was at first confused by the date of the film, 2005 - but there is no mistake, this is a modern silent movie.  Rather than retell the Lovecraft story, I will simply quote it from the film's site - "A dying professor’s strange bequest leads his nephew on a globe-spanning investigation to unravel a twisted knot of fear, madness, nameless cults and horrors best left unknown."

The apparent goal of the flim's creators was to make the movie appear is if it were made shortly after the original story was published, 1926.  Using their own 'mythoscope' and 'mythophone' techniques, which combine modern and vintage film and audio manipulations, they were able to achieve the feel of an old time silent movie.  The DVD features a documentary, behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes.  Very cool!

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