Friday, October 15, 2010

The Friday iPod Shuffle: Part 2

In an effort to listen to songs that don't get much intentional play on my iPod, I present Part 2 of my 'Friday iPod Shuffle.'  Many of you have done this on Facebook by selecting Shuffle on your mp3 player and writing down the first 10 songs that come up.  Here's my 10.

1.  Audra - Dancing Don (unreleased)

LOL.  This is an old song that my brother and I wrote.  One evening we were having dinner with some friends on the patio of Pita Jungle in Tempe, AZ and this guy came up asking for some money.  He told us that he would do a dance for us if we gave him a dollar.  He said that he was better than John Travolta.  I wish you could hear this song.  :)

In 2009, Sigur Ros vocalist Jonsi released an album of ambient instrumentals called Riceboy Sleeps.  I bought this off of emusic a while back and apparently forgot to listen to it.  That's why this shuffle thing is pretty cool - finding stuff that you forgot to listen to!  This is a beautiful instrumental.  I need to get this on vinyl.  Rad.

From the double album, Live at The Avalon Ballroom 1969.  This is Gram Parsons when he was with The Flying Burrito Brothers.  Another album that I only have in digital format, so this was a cool surprise when it came on.

Released as a charity single in 2006 to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina, this is a cover of a band called Skids.  It later appeared on the U2 collection: U218 Singles.

Lodger was the final album in Bowie's Berlin Trilogy in 1979.  This a cool track that I've heard many-a-time.  Always happy to hear it.

Free As A Bird was written and recorded by John Lennon in 1979 as a demo.  In the early 90s, the remaining Beatles added to the arrangement and released it as a single.  It was also part of the Anthology series.  Great track.

Another demo that was released on the rarities collection Judas O.  I don't recall ever listening to this track before.  I like it.

I recently heard an older guy perform this at an open mic.  :)

JAMC cover Jerry Reed.  Released as a b-side to Reverance and more recently on their b-side box set The Power Of Negative Thinking.

The short-lived, post Suede band featuring Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler.  This is from their one-and-only album, Here Come The Tears.  If you like Suede and don't already own this, you should definitely get it.

Please post your lists in the comments below. Thanks!

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