Tuesday, October 5, 2010

iPod Shuffle: Part 1

In an effort to listen to songs that don't get much intentional play on my iPod, I'm starting a new series on Life On This Planet called 'iPod Shuffle.'  Many of you have done this on Facebook by selecting Shuffle on your mp3 player and writing down the first 10 songs that come up.  Here's my first 10.

1.  The Rolling Stones - Rocks Off
The opening track from 'Exile On Main Street' and one of my favorite Stones songs.

2.  Sinead O'Connor - O Filii et Filae
From 2003's double album 'She Who Dwells.'  I don't own this one on CD, so I'm glad I'm doing this shuffle thing because a lot of things I own on digital format don't get much play time.  This is a traditional Catholic hymn celebrating Easter.  It's quite beautiful.

3.  Morrissey - Papa Jack
From Morrissey's 1997 album, 'Maladjusted.'  This is a decent enough track, but not among his best work.

4.  The Cure - Mr. Pink Eyes
From 2004's 4-disc box set of b-sides, 'Join The Dots.'  Mr. Pink Eyes was originally the b-side of The Lovecats from back in 1983.  A bit odd, experimental and out of control.

5.  Radiohead - Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
A great track from Radiohead's 2007 release 'In Rainbows.'

6.  Legendary Pink Dots - And Even The Vegetables Screamed
A short instrumental from LPD's 1989 album 'The Golden Age.'

7.  The Killers - Midnight Show
From their debut album 'Hot Fuss' in 2004.  I'm not very familiar with their first album, so this track is relatively unheard until now.

8.  James - I Know What I'm Here For (live)
From one of the greatest live albums of all time - 'Getting Away With It...Live.'  Some of the live versions are superior to the studio versions.  If you like James, this should be in your collection.

9.  The Darkness - Love Is Only A Feeling
Wow.  This is pretty damn good.  :)  Part Scorpions, part Queen.  From their debut 'Permission To Land,' 2003.  Okay, I'm hitting back and listening to this one again.  Rad.

10. Suede - Moving
From their 1993 self-titled debut.  Very familiar with this one.  Suede were a great band, and as I understand they've reunited and are doing some shows in Europe.

Well, that's it.  Discovered a few songs I hadn't heard before.  Please feel free to hit shuffle on your mp3 player and post your 10 in the comments below.



  1. 1. Blue Monday by Orgy from Candyass

    2. My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye, by Morrissey from First Of The Gang To Die (Maxi-Disc)

    3. I'm Not Sorry by Morrissey from You Are The Quarry

    4. Like Tears In Rain by Covenant from Die Leiermann

    5. These Things by She Wants Revenge, self-titled

    6. I Love You by Erasure, self-titled

    7. Interzone by Joy Division from Unknown Pleasures

    8. Bad Cover Version by Pulp from We Love Life

    9. Grimly Fiendish by The Damned on Phantasmagoria

    10. It's No Game (Part 1) by David Bowie on Scary Monsters

    Lew B., San Diego, CA

  2. Lew B., so did you hear anything you hadn't listened to before?

  3. No Bret, I did not. I probably have heard 99% of what is on my iPod. I only have about 3000 songs on it, and in general only have music that I know I like. You know, I'm not that adventurous. The few songs I have not heard, came from Kari.

  4. 1) Fool Like You-- Ozzy Osbourne
    2) Ticket to Ride-- The Beatles
    3) Tangled-- Maroon 5
    4) The Kiss-- Trevor Jones (Last of the Mohicans soundtrack)
    5) Qurba bagpipe dance at a wedding in Oman-- Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: The Middle East
    6) Stir It Up-- Bob Marley
    7) Night Part 3: Minstrels-- George Winston
    8) Odysseus-- Jodi & Spesh
    9) The Real Thing-- Gwen Stefani
    10) Spanish Eyes-- Ricky Martin

    That was interesting... I usually try to avoid shuffle since I have so much crazy stuff on there. I had never had the patience to listen to 1, 3 or 10 before but I wouldn't let myself skip ahead! This was a good time to hear 2 even if it's a little too slow for me right now. And of course I always love Bob, George, Gwen and anything from Last of the Mohicans. Thanks, Bret!

    You didn't know Jason when you lived in Chicago, right? Say hi to him for me next time you see him... --Kira

  5. Kira! I did not know Jason when I lived in Chicago. However, when we were kids we both took swimming lessons at the high school that my brothers and sister went to. Who knows, perhaps we did meet and just didn't know it!

    Anyways, cool picks. It's always interesting to see what comes up on your iPod when you aren't intentionally choosing the songs. Who knows, something you skipped over in the past or thought you didn't like that much, you now find you like. :)

    Thanks for commenting. Hope you are well.

  6. 1) Big Rock Candy Mountain - Harry McClintock
    2) Warsaw - Trent Reznor/Peter Murphy
    3) Dance on Glass (demo) - Sister of Mercy
    4) She Is Mine - Psychedelic Furs
    5) Nitzer Ebb - Murderous
    6) Chapterhouse - Pearl
    7) The House of Love - Feel
    8) Love Like Blood - Killing Joke
    9) I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man - Prince
    10) Milk Man - Aphex Twin

    Nothing I've never heard before, as I selected songs intentionally to put on my iPod. (We have way more music than will fit on there) But these are the first ten that came up at random. :)


  7. @Kira: I'm only familiar with one song on your list! That is that Beatles song.

    @Bret: I like Papa Jack, and Maladjusted has a couple very excellent Morrissey songs, though as you suggested not his best work. But there are a couple songs there I couldn't live without. Also, that first Killers album is their best. I don't really like much of their other stuff.

  8. ok here goes nothing… i'm using itunes, btw, not my ipod. as of writing i have 20,0004 "items" in my itunes library, so there's a LOT here!

    1. "25th Floor" Patti Smith (not my fave tune off 'Easter' so I usually skip it. iTunes say I last played it in 2005)

    2. "Border Crossing" The Warheads (from one of a number of completely free albums on the band's site. 'Funk 'n' Ghandi' has some great tunes, but this is just a 1 min filler, so I never listen to it)

    3. "Touch Me" Gold Lounge (I think I've played this song from the new 'Cool Off Chillout Vol. 3 comp on The Chillcast, but if not, I really should)

    4. "Vintage Keys" DigiTube (I played this one on The Chillcast 2 years ago but haven't heard it since)

    5. "Do That For Me" Robert Cray (not my fave tune from 'Sweet Potato Pie,' but that whole album is pretty cool so it was good to hear it again)

    6. "No Strange Delight" Roxy Music (I grew up loving the whole 'Flesh & Blood' album but just recently got a digital copy. iTunes claims this is the first time I've played it!)

    7. "Rock Island Line" Leadbelly (I just picked up the 'Under the Influence' comp recently on iTunes and hadn't rocked this cut yet. Good times.)

    8. "Torn & Frayed" Rolling Stones (iTunes says I haven't played this in 2 years, what a shame. Classic tune!)

    9. "Money (Live)" Pink Floyd (this is one of many Floyd bootlegs I got a few years back and I hadn't heard it since 2005, so cool beans.)

    10. "Methods of Dance" Japan (this song never gets old. Nice strong end to my list!)

  9. 1. Main Title- JJ Abrams (Alias Soundtrack)
    2. Potholes In My Lawn- De La Soul (Timeless. The Singles)
    3. My Flash On You- Love (Love Story 1966-1972)
    4. Runnin' Blue- the Doors (the Soft Parade)
    5. Lonely Planet Boy- Johnny Thunders (Sad Vacation)
    6. I'm Addicted- LA Guns (Cocked and Loaded)
    7. Pump Up the Jam- Technotronic (Jock Jams v.1)
    8. Triste- Antonio Carlos Jobim (Verve Jazz Masters 13)
    9. Peter Piper- Run DMC (Raising Hell)
    10. Vienna Bon Bons- Strauss (Treasury of Golden Classics)

    I had previously listened to all but the last 2. I hadn't listened to any of them in a long time, though. Fun!

    Monika Wikman, Phoenix, AZ

  10. Thanks for posting your list Monika!