Thursday, November 25, 2010

iPod Shuffle: Part 6

In an effort to listen to songs that don't get much intentional play on my iPod, I present Part 6 of my 'iPod Shuffle.'  Select 'shuffle' on your mp3 player, write down the first 10 songs that come up and listen to them.  No cheating!  Here are the 10 songs that came up for me.  Please share your ten in the comments section below (you can leave your list anonymously, if you don't want to create an account here).  Hopefully you'll hear something cool that you haven't heard before.  [All song titles are linked to Amazon for you to enjoy]. - Bret

1.  Rush - Tom Sawyer
Great track.  I've heard this one a million times.  Just picked it up on vinyl a few weeks ago.

2.  Social Distortion - Dear Lover
The opening track to 1996's White Light White Heat White Trash.  Excited about their new album coming out in January!

3.  The Flying Burrito Brothers - Image Of Me
Yes.  Some Gram Parsons.  I love the lyrics to this one.

4.  Moby - Harbour
Wow.  I'm really glad this one came up on shuffle.  Sinead O'Connor on vocals.  Note to self:  listen to this song more.  Stunning.

5.  U2 - Kite

6.  Chris Bell - Speed Of Sound
Chris Bell was in the band Big Star.  His life came to a tragic end in 1978.  His only solo album, released several years later, is amazing.  Please get this song.

7.  Gin Blossoms - Idiot Summer
This one was on the Wayne's World 2 Soundtrack.  I have it on the deluxe edition of New Miserable Experience.

8.  The Byrds / Gram Parsons - You're Still On My Mind
More GP.  I love it.  Please check out the acoustic cover I did of this song.

9.  The Cult - Indian
I like the instrumentation: acoustic guitar and cello.  Not super familiar with all of the songs on this album, Ceremony.  Not bad.

10. Neil Diamond - I'm On To You
From the Rick Rubin-produced 12 Songs.  Neil Diamond rules.


  1. I love this feature, Bret. Here the the 10 that shuffled into my ears:

    1. I'm a Loser, The Beatles
    A signature John Lennon song. Has any group every topped the Fab Four's vocal harmonies? (OK, maybe CS&N. Maybe.)
    2. Bobby Jean, Bruce Springsteen & the E. Street Band
    Great sax by Clemons on this live version.
    3. Live Another Day, Stevie Ray Vaughn
    From "In the Beginning," a raw live recording before SRV's style matured. Outstanding.
    4. Need You Tonight, INXS.
    A blast from my '80s past.
    5. Wait, The Beatles.
    Yeah, I've got lots of Beatles on my iPod.
    6. Towards the Light, Pat Metheny
    A duet with jazz pianist Brad Mehldau.
    7. Lake of Fire, Nirvana.
    MTV Unplugged version.
    8. Pretending, Eric Clapton.
    1st track on Jourmeyman album.
    9. Fooled Around and Fell in Love, Elvin Bishop.
    From a compilation of "southern rock" called Goin' South.
    10. One Thing Leads to Another, The Fixx.
    Still one of my favs.

    Lesson: shuffle more often.


  2. Thanks Joe!
    Check out this cover of The Beatles' Because. It's by Elliott Smith. Your comment on the vocal harmonies triggered my memory on this one.