Tuesday, January 4, 2011

iPod Shuffle: Part 10

In an effort to listen to songs that don't get much intentional play on my iPod, I present Part 10 of my 'iPod Shuffle.'  So, play along with me:  Select 'shuffle' on your mp3 player, write down the first 10 songs that come up and listen to them.  No cheating!  Here are the 10 songs that came up for me.  Please share your ten in the comments section below (you can leave your list anonymously, if you don't want to create an account here).  Hopefully you'll hear something cool that you haven't heard before.  Click on those little players to hear samples of the songs.  - Bret

01.  Depeche Mode - Precious
A truly great song from 2005's Playing The Angel.  One of the best DM songs of all time.

02.  Low - Stay
I saw Low on tour for this album, 1995's Long Division.  During a song, as slow and delicate as Stay, some idiot threw a 32oz Big Gulp cup filled with ice and hit singer Alan Sparhawk in the side of the head.  His wife, Mimi, who plays drums, ran out from behind the kit and started swearing at the culprit.  Weird concert moment.

03.  Joe Satriani - Lords Of Karma
I rarely put on a Joe Satriani record, so it was interesting to have this one come up on shuffle.  This was from his 1987 album Surfing With The Alien, which actually went platinum in the United States - no small feat for a guitar instrumental album.

04.  Audra - Jason And The Doors
The sad story of a kid that I went to high school with.  From the 2009 Audra album, Everything Changes.  I wrote this one on a classical guitar in 1994/95.  The original demo was recorded in the bathroom at my parent's house.  :)  

05.  Gram Parsons - Return Of The Grievous Angel
Gram and Emmylou Harris duet.  Classic.  Buy this now.  :)

06.  Smashing Pumpkins - Hello Kitty Kat
B-side to the single Today. Not very familiar with this track, but it was easily identifiable as a song from the Siamese Dream era.  Cool.

07.  Morrissey - Late Night, Maudlin Street
My favorite Morrissey song.

08.  U2 - God Part II
One of the studio tracks from Rattle and Hum.  I've heard this many-a-time.  :)

09.  Cream - White Room
Great track.  I've heard this song at least a couple of hundred times.  Classic.

10.  My Bloody Valentine - Lose My Breath
From the 1988 debut Isn't Anything.  Lose My Breath is one of my favorites by the band, although the album it appears on is a bit inconsistent when compared to 1991's Loveless.

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