Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Song Of The Day: Lycia - Everything Is Cold

Believe it or not, it is cold in Phoenix.  In fact, it was around 20 degrees colder in Phoenix on New Year's Eve than it was in Times Square for the countdown.  While I sit here with a blanket wrapped around my cold bones  - my heater stopped working - I thought this song would be an appropriate soundtrack.

Everything Is Cold is from Lycia's second album, 1993's A Day In The Stark Corner.  I first met Mike and Tara from Lycia back in 1997 when Audra shared the bill with them at The Atomic Cafe in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Shortly after we became labelmates on Projekt.  A few days ago we got together for coffee and afterwards I went home and transferred all of their CDs onto my iPod.  Please enjoy this cool (pun intended) track and support independent artists by purchasing their music linked on the player below.

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