Monday, April 25, 2011

Song Of The Day 1981: New Order - Ceremony

This week we're going to go back 30 years to 1981...

Shortly after the death of singer Ian Curtis in 1980, the remaining members of Joy Division forged on with a new band, New Order. Their very first single, Ceremony, was an Ian Curtis composition that was never released in a studio version by Joy Division. (A live version and a couple rehearsal takes have been released). Ceremony is a glorious track and is one of the first songs that come to mind when I think of the year 1981. There are a couple different versions of the song, since it was re-recorded after the original 7" single. I have represented them below in video, and in the Amazon / iTunes links. Please enjoy Today's Song of The Day, Ceremony.

Movement (Collector's Edition) - New Order

Original 7" version

12" version

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