Friday, April 8, 2011

Song Of The Day 2002: Audra - Cabaret Fortune Teller

The final day of our feature on the Year 2002 A.D.

So back in 2001, my brother and I were recording the second Audra album, Going To The Theatre. Usually we save one spot on an album for an undeveloped or unwritten song. Cabaret Fortune Teller was one of those. It was written on the spot, in the studio, and was almost left off of the album for some reason or another. Once the album was released, it ended up being a lot of our fans' favorite song from Theatre.

About 5 years later, a friend asked if we'd like to shoot a video for it. So, on one of the hottest days in the Arizona summer, we shot our scene in the abandoned warehouse that was once Alice Cooper's Haunted House in downtown Phoenix. No air conditioning - it was crazy hot. I remember taking a long break and walking over with friends to Alice Cooper's restaurant next door to drink several cold ones. :) Went back and the rest is history. One of us forgot to bring a guitar strap, so we made one out of a crew member's belt and some tape.  Very happy with the way the video turned out. Okay, here we go. This is Cabaret Fortune Teller. Please enjoy. :)

Cabaret Fortune Teller - Going to the Theatre

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