Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Depeche Mode - Touring The Angel Live In Milan: Review

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The last time I saw Depeche Mode live was in 1993, when The The opened for them at Phoenix Veterans Memorial Coliseum, on the Devotional Tour. One of my distinct memories of that show is from the very second DM hit the stage, being smashed against a circular, yellow cement barrier that the security guards stood in on the floor. The crowd was insane.

So last night, I grabbed Depeche Mode's Touring The Angel DVD off the shelf to give it a viewing. The entire show was filmed in Milan, Italy on the 2005/2006 tour of their excellent 11th album, Playing The Angel. The visuals and audio are fantastic - Anton Corbijn, amazing photographer / director, designed the stage set.

The first sign of goosebumps appear on my arm during Precious. Written about his children as they suffered through Gore's recent divorce, it is extremely emotional when his voice and Gahan's join in harmony. Beautiful. Now normally I find it a bit annoying when the singer points the mic at the crowd to sing parts of songs, but in Enjoy The Silence, the sheer volume of the crowd is a bit touching.

I've only watched this DVD one other time, when I originally got it, and I have to say that I am quite impressed by the show. Another favorite from Playing The Angel, the Gahan-penned Suffer Well, is really nice with Gore playing the bass parts live. The show would not be complete without the addition of a couple of Depeche Mode oldies. 1981's Just Can't Get Enough and 83's Everything Counts get their moment during the encore.

Some additional observations.  Martin Gore wears a mohawk hat and black wings. Dave Gahan invokes Mick Jagger with shirtless, microphone stand twirls, and preacher-like shouts of 'yeah' and 'oh' - at any chance he can get.

The whole show runs for 21 songs - 23 with the two added bonus tracks - in just under two hours. If you get the deluxe version, shown below, there is an entire bonus DVD with a documentary, electronic press kit, the backdrop video stage screens, etc. AND there is a bonus live CD that contains audio for all of the songs from the show that are from Playing The Angel. It all comes in a beautiful digipak with a nice booklet.

Track Listing:  A Pain That I'm Used To / John The Revelator / A Question Of Time / Policy Of Truth / Precious / Walking In My Shoes / Suffer Well / Macro / Home / I Want It All / The Sinner In Me / I Feel You / Behind The Wheel / World In My Eyes / Personal Jesus / Enjoy The Silence / Shake The Disease / Just Can't Get Enough / Everything Counts / Never Let Me Down Again / Goodnight Lovers.  Bonus: A Question Of Lust / Damaged People.

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