Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.E.M. - Tourfilm. Review

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Feeling a bit nostalgic since the announcement of their breakup, I decided to check out an old R.E.M. concert video called Tourfilm. Shot over 5 shows on R.E.M.'s Green Tour, it was originally released on VHS back in 1990.

Tourfilm starts off a bit awkward, with a tepid version of Green's huge single, Stand, but luckily they recover with a superb take on The One I Love. It's a joy watching guitarist Peter Buck spin on his heels, holding that classic black and white Rickenbacker.

The set list is heavy on Green / Document era tracks, with only one song represented from 1983's Murmur, and nothing from Reckoning. A major highlight is the performance of You Are The Everything, complete with Mike Mills on accordion, Peter Buck on mandolin and drummer Bill Berry on bass. Not only is it one of my favorite R.E.M. tracks, but this song is the predecessor of the sound that the band would explore to great heights on their next couple of records - in particular, Losing My Religion.

Deep album cuts such as King of Birds and I Believe really stand out on this show, as well as Document's lead-off track, Finest Worksong. After the brilliant performance of Murmur's Perfect Circle, the band takes the stage for a fun, but sloppy version of the Velvet Underground's After Hours - filmed at the very end of the last show of the tour.

Overall, it was cool seeing this era of R.E.M.'s career performed live. There are some other killer live DVDs available, scroll down for links. :)

Track Listing:  Stand / The One I Love / These Days / Turn You Inside-Out / World Leader Pretend / Feeling Gravity's Pull / I Believe / I Remember California / Get Up / It's The End Of The World As We Know It / Pop Song 89 / Fall On Me / You Are The Everything / Begin The Begin / King Of Birds / Finest Worksong / Perfect Circle / After Hours

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  1. I have all the old R.E.M. VHS - and I've wished for years they would update them to dvd. This is one of my favorites and ranks up there with CD's final show and The Cure's, "Orange"