Saturday, October 29, 2011

James - Seven... The Live Concert. Review

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Without a doubt, James is one of the greatest bands of all time. The three times that I've seen them live are three of the best shows I've ever seen. This week's featured concert film is James: Seven... The Live Concert. Filmed in December of 1991 at NW England's Warrington Hall, the band performs their upcoming Seven album in its entirety.

The show begins with an acoustic version of 'Protect Me' - just Tim and Larry, before the whole band joins in on 'Bring A Gun.' Until the band reunited in 2008 for the brilliant Hey Ma LP, the Seven tour was the last that we'd see of the band's amazing, 7-piece lineup: Tim Booth (vocals), Larry Gott (guitar), Saul Davies (violin, guitar), Jim Glennie (bass), Mark Hunter (keys), Andy Diagram (trumpet) and Dave Baynton-Power (drums). 'Bring A Gun' and 'Live A Love Of Life' have always been the weak spots on the album, and they stand out as the weak spots in this performance.

'Ring The Bells,' 'Sound' and 'Seven' are three of my favorite James' songs and they are the definite highlights of the set. Tim Booth's vocals are great as always, and James is not James without the trumpet and stage presence of Andy Diagram. 'Born Of Frustration' and 'Don't Wait That Long' also sound fabulous.

As I mentioned before, the entire purpose of this show was to perform the Seven album before its release. While it's a solid gig, if I had to recommend a James DVD for you, it would be Getting Away With It...Live - it's one of the best concert films of all time, filmed on their 2001 'Farewell Tour.' [Link posted at the bottom of this page.] 

Overall, the audio, the footage, lighting and stage backdrops on this DVD are outstanding. Bonus features include the music videos for 'Come Home,' 'Born Of Frustration,' 'Sound' and 'Seven.'

Track Listing:  Protect Me (acoustic) / Bring A Gun / Ring The Bells / Sound / Mother / Live A Love Of Life / Next Lover / Heavens / Protect Me / Seven / Born Of Frustration / Don't Wait That Long

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