Friday, October 21, 2011

Social Distortion Live In Orange County. Review

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Recorded live at the Anaheim House of Blues on January 19, 2003, this is the only official DVD of Social Distortion. At the time the show was filmed, it had been 7 years since the release of a new album, and just a couple of years since the tragic death of guitarist Dennis Danell.

I've seen Social D. several times over the years, and their live shows are always high energy - this show is no exception. The presentation begins with the band anxiously waiting in the stage wings, as singer Mike Ness explains the doo-wop song from '65 that is playing over the PA, before the band takes the stage. Opening with the country song 'Making Believe' - which appeared on 1992's Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell - the band is thunderous and tight.

The show hits all areas of their career at this point, including two really early ones - '1945' and 'Mass Hysteria' from 1981. 'Mommy's Little Monster' - the title track from Social D's 1983 debut - is dedicated to Danell. With the backdrop for that album proudly displaying behind them, the band also plays three other additional cuts from Monster.

It would still be well over a year before the release of 'Sex, Love and Rock 'N Roll,' so it's a treat to hear a couple of songs from the upcoming (at the time) album. 'Footprints On My Celing' - dedicated to Ness's wife - sounds great, as does one of my favorites by the band - 'I Wasn't Born To Follow' - dedicated to the late Joe Strummer (of The Clash) and Joey Ramone.

There are some cool bonus features added on to the DVD, including a backstage acoustic performance of 'Bad Luck,' how to play dice with Mike Ness, interviews, soundcheck, photo gallery, etc. Definitely grab a copy of this for your collection.

Track Listing:  Making Believe / 1945 / Sick Boy / Telling Them / Bad Luck / Footprints On My Ceiling / Don't Drag Me Down / I Wasn't Born To Follow / Another State Of Mind / The Creeps / Mommy's Little Monster / Mass Hysteria / 99 To Life / Ring Of Fire / Story Of My Life

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