Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Song Of The Day 2011: M83 - Midnight City

Going to pause for a moment to stay current with some new music released in the last few months. Keep up to date on all my daily postings by clicking LIKE on the Life On This Planet Facebook Page.

Today's featured song is from the French musical outfit known as M83. 'Midnight City' is amazing - one of the absolute best singles of the year - and the video reminds me of Stephen King's Firestarter. 'Midnight City' is the lead single from M83's brand new double-album, Hurry Up I'm Dreaming - which came out on October 18th. Do yourself a favor and get the entire album - links below. In the meantime, please enjoy the video below. 

Midnight City - Midnight City - Single

Also available on vinyl!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I have been obsessed with this song. Free is awesome!

  2. You are welcome, Eve. This song is rad and happy to provide you with the free link! :)