Monday, October 10, 2011

The Secret Bees Of Ninth: Peter Murphy Releases New EP

Today marks the release of a new batch of songs from Peter Murphy, in the form of The Secret Bees of Ninth EP. Available only in digital form, Secret Bees collects additional material that didn't make it onto this year's Ninth album. It includes 4 unreleased songs, an extended version of Ninth's 'Secret Silk Society,' and the single 'Seesaw Sway.'

You can grab the entire 6-song EP, along with the digital booklet for less than $4 at one of the links below.

UPDATE:  Now Available on CD

The Secret Bees of Ninth - EP - Peter Murphy

Track Listing.
01.  Gaslit
02.  Rose Hunter
03.  Good Works
04.  Secret
05.  Secret Silk Society (full version)
06.  Seesaw Sway

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