Thursday, January 12, 2012

Song Of The Day 1983: Tones On Tail - Burning Skies

This week we're going back to the year 1983. What's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of 1983? Return Of The Jedi. I remember my mom and sister taking me to see it on my birthday. :) Well, each day of this week I'll be taking you back to good ol' '83 for a song-a-day. Please enjoy.

Tones On Tail was formed in 1982 as a side-project for Daniel Ash during his time in the first run of Bauhaus. Along with Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins and their roadie, Glen Campling, the trio recorded a slew of singles and one full-length LP. Tones On Tail's most recognizable track is of course Go! - which has been in lots of movies, TV shows and even a car commercial. Today's featured song is called Burning Skies - it was released as the title track to their 1983 EP. With its slinky bass and haunting vocals, it's a rad piece. Listen below and buy immediately. :)

For my fellow vinyl enthusiasts, Beggars Banquet recently released a double LP called Weird Pop - it's also available on MP3. I've provided a link further down the page.

Burning Skies - Everything!

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