Saturday, February 11, 2012

Planet Rotations #25

In the age of digital music, we tend to skip through albums, listening to one or two tracks - missing some of the deeper cuts that may be brilliant. I am a big fan of the album format, and love to experience the entire album the way the artist intended. Listening to one or two songs is like randomly reading a few chapters of a book and expecting to understand the completed work. Like any music lover, I love to share what I'm listening to and discover some new things from friends. Here's a portion of my playlist for this week. Please put your lists in the comments below, or interact at the Life On This Planet Facebook Page.

The brand new album. This one is going to take some time, not as immediately accessible as their last couple.

A much under-appreciated album by The Lemonheads.

Just saw them perform this album in its entirety a few days ago. Be sure to catch this tour.

The Big Pink's second LP just keeps getting better and better for me.

Wow. The South African group's second album. Insane.

One of the two best Wilco LPs.

One of my favorite albums of all time.

M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
Fantastic double album - one of the Best of 2011.

Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience
I can't believe this album turns 20 this year.

Their brand new 5-song EP.

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