Wednesday, July 11, 2012

B-side Of The Day: The Replacements - Portland

If you're reading my blog, chances are you are a pretty big music fan. Like myself, you probably seek out more songs from a band you love, besides just the album tracks. Since bands have been releasing singles, it was common for a non-album track to make the flipside of that record. Sometimes those songs were just throw-aways, other times they were brilliant gems. For this week, these are the songs I'll be presenting to you. I'm hoping you will discover some new ones that will become favorites. Be sure to visit the Life On This Planet Facebook Page, and click LIKE, to keep up on our daily postings. Okay, here we go...

Apparently, 'Portland' was written as an apology for a drunken, disaster of a Replacments gig, that took place in Portland, Oregon in the late 80s. Not really a true b-side, as it didn't appear on any single, it's rather an outtake from the Mats' 1989 LP, Don't Tell A Soul. If you own the 2-disc All For Nothing/Nothing For All collection, then you already have the song, otherwise it's been made available as a bonus track on the expanded, remastered edition of Don't Tell A Soul. It's a great song, and it's puzzling why it wasn't included on a proper album. Give it a listen.

Buy 'Portland':

Don't Tell A Soul expanded edition:

All For Nothing/Nothing For All:


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