Monday, April 9, 2012

Peter Murphy & the late Mick Karn Release Second Dalis Car - InGladAloneness

New Release:  Dalis Car - InGladAloneness EP

After the breakup of Bauhaus in 1983, singer Peter Murphy collaborated with bass player Mick Karn (of the band Japan) to record a one-off album - The Waking Hour - under the name Dalis Car. The two reunited in 2010, recording a collection of songs for a second Dalis Car release. Unfortunately, Mick Karn passed away in January 2011, shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. Back in July 2011, the first track from the upcoming, 5-song EP hit the world wide web - in the meantime, it's been a long wait to get the remainder of the EP called InGladAloneness.

Today the wait ends - grab the EP at the link below. As far as I can tell, the EP is available only digitally, as the very-limited, physical copies are already sold out at Mick Karn's site. I'm really digging these songs, especially the acoustic beauty of 'If You Go Away' - let me know what you think.

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